Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space

COOPERANTS Unveils New Branding: A Step into the Future of Digitalization


Bremen, July 15, 2024 – The COOPERANTS project is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand identity today. With this rebranding, COOPERANTS aims to highlight its innovative strength and commitment to the Gaia-X initiative. Gaia-X seeks to create a secure and interconnected data space for Europe, and COOPERANTS plays a central role in […]

ILA 2024: COOPERANTS’ Contribution to the Future of Aerospace


Berlin, 5-9 June 2024: At the beginning of June, the “Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung” (ILA) took place at the Berlin Airport in Schönefeld. This year’s theme was “Pioneering Aerospace”. Around 600 exhibitors from 31 nations showcased a wide range of high-tech products as well as research and development projects. The Gaia-X lighthouse project COOPERANTS was […]

COOPERANTS at the MBSE Workshop 2024: A look into the future of space technology

Gruppenfoto: Teilnehmer am MBSE Workshop 2024 aus dem COOPERANTS-Konsortium (v.l.n.r.: Nicole Reuter (ZARM Technik AG), Harald Eisenmann (Airbus  Defense & Space), Caroline Lange (DLR), Stephan Jahnke (OHB) )

Bremen, 28-29 May 2024: The MBSE Workshop 2024, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), took place in Bremen at the end of May. This two-day event provided a unique platform for practitioners from space agencies, the European space industry and researchers to exchange information on the latest developments […]

COOPERANTS wird zum europäischen Gaia-X Leuchtturmprojekt im Bereich Raumfahrt

COOPERANTS - Leuchtturmprojekt

COOPERANTS reached a significant milestone last week: following a successful application, the project presented itself to the AISBL and was officially recognised as a Gaia-X lighthouse project for the space sector. This recognition underlines COOPERANTS’ leading role in creating a trustworthy and sovereign data infrastructure in Europe. The Gaia-X lighthouse projects are pioneering initiatives that […]

COOPERANTS goes international: Visit to the WAMS-Sympsoium

WAMS - Lobby

Orlando, 19-23 February 2024: This year’s WAMS Symposium (Worldwide Advanced Manufacturing Symposium for Space, Air, and Land Transportation) opened its doors in Orlando, Florida from the 19th to the 23rd. It provided a unique platform for experts and industry representatives from the aerospace and land transportation industries to discuss the latest developments and solutions in […]

AR/VR for Space Programmes 2023: COOPERANTS travels to the Netherlands

Udo Corleis (Radiusmedia) präsentiert den Smart Service "HoloWork"

COOPERANTS presents a practical demonstrator of the smart service “Holowork” in an ESA workshop Noordwijk (Netherlands), 11-12 December 2023: For two days, an intensive and closely timed programme of workshops, lectures and accompanying practical demonstrations revolved around virtual, augmented and mixed reality for space travel. Also present at the Dutch site of the European Space […]

COOPERANTS visits the Aviation Forum Hamburg

© IPM | Eingangshalle - Aviation Forum Hamburg 2023

Hamburg 06 December: The 13th Aviation Forum opened its doors this year from 5 to 6 December in Hamburg and welcomed aviation and aerospace stakeholders from all over the world. This year’s event focused on the industry’s most pressing issues: sustainability, resilience and digitalisation. Digitalisation: The aviation industry is striving for growth and emission-free flying […]

COOPERANTS at the annual network meeting of Niedersachsen Aviation

Jahresnetzwerktreffen von Niedersachsen Aviation - Einleitende Präsentation

COOEPRANTS participates as an exhibitor at the annual network meeting of Niedersachsen Aviation on 4 December in Stade Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Olaf Lies, will be informed about COOPERANTS’ ambitions to accelerate the digitalisation of the aerospace industry Stade, 04 December 2023: The annual network meeting of Niedersachsen Aviation took place on 04 […]

A successful Space Tech Expo 2023

Paneldiskussion_Blick aus dem Plenum

Caroline Lange (DLR) and Hauke Ernst (Airbus) give an impressive global presentation on the exhibitor stage about the use of the COOPERANTS marketplace Caroline Lange (DLR) and John T.H. Dobson (neusta aerospace) as well as Hauke Hauke Ernst (Airbus) each represented COOPERANTS on a panel As part of the Space Tech Expo, the consortium successfully […]

Gaia-X Summit 2023: COOPERANTS in Alicante

Pierre Gronlier, CTO von Gaia-X, und Roland Fadrany, COO von Gaia-X, präsentierten eben solche Best-Practice-Beispiele wie COOPERANTS auf der Bühne

deltaDAO supports the Gaia-X lighthouse projects COOPERANTS as well as EuProGigant and Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility (and several more) as an experienced data ecosystem provider COOPERANTS served as one of the best practice examples in terms of compliance with Gaia-X Policy and Conformity Rules, the use of Gaia-X Digital Clearing Houses and the “Gaia-X Federated […]