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Brief Introduction

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itemis is an international company with headquarters in Germany. The company was founded in 2003 and specialises in the provision of software solutions and services.
itemis is a leading provider of modelling tools, development environments and other software solutions for system and software development. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including training and consulting, to help customers efficiently develop high-quality software.
With offices in different countries and a dedicated team of software development experts, itemis is committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions and supporting them in their individual development projects.

Role in the Project

The company is responsible for the “Semantic Collaboration Services – Backend” sub-project in the COOPERANTS project. This project aims to design and implement a data management component that facilitates collaborative work in the cloud and optimises development processes. GAIA-X forms the basis for the infrastructure of this backend to enable the secure exchange of company-relevant data, to find partners on the COOPERANTS marketplace and to offer and reuse functionality in a standardised way. In addition, itemis can use Gaia-X to enable the semantic integration of data and apply the foundations for the development of smart services based on the GAIA-X service concept. The resulting backend thus serves as the basis for the development of advanced smart services by the project partners.

Added Value of COOPERANTS for itemis

Participation in the COOPERANTS project enables itemis to transfer its expertise in toolsets and methods for managing systems engineering data to the GAIA-X ecosystem. The challenge of exchanging product and engineering data along the entire value chain is addressed by GAIA-X, particularly with regard to trust and data exchange. The cooperation with the partners in the COOPERANTS project expands the solution portfolio of itemis and contributes to the further development of functions. This cooperation enables the company to further expand its expertise in the field of systems engineering in the aerospace industry.


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Andreas Graf

Engagement Manager & Research Manager