AR/VR for Space Programmes 2023: COOPERANTS travels to the Netherlands

Udo Corleis (Radiusmedia) präsentiert den Smart Service "HoloWork"
  • COOPERANTS presents a practical demonstrator of the smart service “Holowork” in an ESA workshop

Noordwijk (Netherlands), 11-12 December 2023: For two days, an intensive and closely timed programme of workshops, lectures and accompanying practical demonstrations revolved around virtual, augmented and mixed reality for space travel. Also present at the Dutch site of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk: representatives of the German Gaia-X aerospace consortium COOPERANTS. In their luggage: a practical demo of the augmented reality solution “Holowork”, which is being developed by the Bremen-based company RADIUSMEDIA as a “smart service” in collaboration with COOPERANTS.

Holowork generates digital, step-by-step 3D work instructions for cleanroom procedures. These are carried out by the operators using mobile devices or “hands-free” with the “HoloLens”, an industrial-grade augmented reality headset. Udo Corleis, founder and Managing Director of RADIUSMEDIA: “We expect to achieve measurable, positive results with Holowork. These include simplified processes and time savings or reduced complexity and fewer sources of error.” According to Corleis, Holowork will also replace the heterogeneous file landscape for the assembly, integration and testing processes (AIT/AIV) with a single, fully digitalised system. Positive side effects would be the provision of process data for new applications or the avoidance of paper.

The approximately 100 invited participants experienced a practice-orientated, dynamic event with groundbreaking insights and outlooks into the future technologies of AR and VR. It was organised by ESA/ESTEC and SCN-AVATAR and is to be repeated and possibly extended in 2024.

Further information on the programme and short abstracts of the presentations on the topics of Science Data Exploitation, Astronaut Training, AIT & OPS, Authoring UX/UI and Concurrent Engineering can be found here.