COOPERANTS goes international: Visit to the WAMS-Sympsoium

WAMS - Lobby

Orlando, 19-23 February 2024: This year’s WAMS Symposium (Worldwide Advanced Manufacturing Symposium for Space, Air, and Land Transportation) opened its doors in Orlando, Florida from the 19th to the 23rd. It provided a unique platform for experts and industry representatives from the aerospace and land transportation industries to discuss the latest developments and solutions in advanced manufacturing technologies. The event addressed important questions on topics such as additive manufacturing, digital manufacturing and smart materials, and offered insights into the future of manufacturing technology for aerospace and land transport applications.

The discussions and presentations during the symposium covered forward-looking topics such as 3D printing, digital transformation in manufacturing, smart materials and automation, giving participants a comprehensive overview of the current trends and challenges in the industry. The potential of in-space manufacturing and advances in the production of composite materials and in the field of intelligent robotics were particularly emphasised.

The COOPERANTS consortium presented a paper on creating a seamless data cycle for space components that increases efficiency through digital collaboration, reduces the costs and risks of projects and lowers the barriers to innovative digital services. Speaker André Seidel, Head of the Space Technology Task Force at Fraunhofer IWU, emphasised the importance of digitalisation in the aerospace industry and the role of the COOPERANTS consortium in promoting innovation and efficiency through the integration of data. “We either accept the digital transformation or run the risk of being overtaken. The key task is to adapt our mindset and think digitally about process chains,” says Seidel.

Participation in the event enabled the COOPERANTS consortium to present its innovative solutions to a global audience of experts and industry representatives and to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing in the industry. Through the exchange with other industry experts, valuable international contacts were made and valuable insights were gained that will contribute to the further development and improvement of the COOPERANTS initiative.