COOPERANTS at the MBSE Workshop 2024: A look into the future of space technology

Gruppenfoto: Teilnehmer am MBSE Workshop 2024 aus dem COOPERANTS-Konsortium (v.l.n.r.: Nicole Reuter (ZARM Technik AG), Harald Eisenmann (Airbus  Defense & Space), Caroline Lange (DLR), Stephan Jahnke (OHB) )

Bremen, 28-29 May 2024: The MBSE Workshop 2024, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), took place in Bremen at the end of May. This two-day event provided a unique platform for practitioners from space agencies, the European space industry and researchers to exchange information on the latest developments in the field of Model-Based Space Systems and Software Engineering.

The Gaia-X lighthouse project COOPERANTS was proud to be present at this important event with representatives from DLR as well as ZARM Technik, Airbus Defense & Space and OHB, both in the conference agenda and in the exhibitor area. Dr. Caroline Lange (DLR), consortium leader of the COOPERANTS project, gave a global presentation in the Exhibitor Forum. In addition, Harald Eisenmann (Airbus Defense and Space) gave an interactive presentation on the topic of “Rethinking MBSE?”. Eisenmann presented innovative ideas and solutions that are being developed as part of the COOPERANTS project with the following objective: the creation of decentralized, safer and more efficient working methods and production processes along the entire value chain.

The workshop, organized under the leadership of the MBSE Advisory Group, provided multiple opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking. There were innovative discussions on the latest advances in space systems architecture and software engineering, practical insights through the sharing of experiences and best practices on the application of model-based techniques, and numerous networking opportunities for direct interaction with experts and colleagues who share a passion for advancing space systems engineering.


Our participation in the MBSE Workshop 2024 has reaffirmed our determination to further advance model-based techniques in European space projects as well as the entire industry and accelerate digitalization. We thank the organizers and participants for this successful event and look forward to further collaboration within this dynamic community.