COOPERANTS visits the Aviation Forum Hamburg

© IPM | Eingangshalle - Aviation Forum Hamburg 2023

Hamburg 06 December: The 13th Aviation Forum opened its doors this year from 5 to 6 December in Hamburg and welcomed aviation and aerospace stakeholders from all over the world.

This year’s event focused on the industry’s most pressing issues: sustainability, resilience and digitalisation.

Digitalisation: The aviation industry is striving for growth and emission-free flying through close partnerships and digitalisation. Improvements in the supply chain, emphasised by transparency and open communication, are essential for efficiency and ramp-up management. Achieving the Net Zero target requires cooperation between all stakeholders.

Sustainability: For an environmentally friendly future, the industry is focussing on innovative technologies such as advanced materials, alternative drives and sustainable fuels. Strategies to reduce the ecological footprint through recycling and sustainable procurement are being pursued. Digitalisation also promises improved efficiency and sustainability through data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Resilience: Resilient processes are crucial in the current phase of rapid growth in order to overcome challenges such as material shortages, staff shortages and financial bottlenecks. Cost reduction, investment in technology and effective risk management are central to this. Attracting and empowering the next generation of talent and leaders remains a key challenge for the future of the industry.

The topics covered at the Aviation Forum provide COOPERANTS with an excellent opportunity to act as a pioneer for digitalisation and sustainability. The Gaia-X initiative, of which COOPERANTS is a member, touches on precisely these aspects and serves as a basis for further collaboration with industry players. In the area of digitalisation in particular, COOPERANTS sees an opportunity to accelerate the digital revolution in the aerospace industry and achieve a positive impact on collaboration, efficiency, sustainability, innovation and resilience.

COOPERANTS is ready to tackle the industry’s challenges together and shape a sustainable, digital future.