COOPERANTS wird zum europäischen Gaia-X Leuchtturmprojekt im Bereich Raumfahrt

COOPERANTS - Leuchtturmprojekt

COOPERANTS reached a significant milestone last week: following a successful application, the project presented itself to the AISBL and was officially recognised as a Gaia-X lighthouse project for the space sector. This recognition underlines COOPERANTS’ leading role in creating a trustworthy and sovereign data infrastructure in Europe.

The Gaia-X lighthouse projects are pioneering initiatives that adopt the Gaia-X framework at an early stage and implement the Gaia-X principles in their activities. COOPERANTS is recognised as one of these lighthouse projects and is accordingly regarded as a pioneer in the implementation of the Gaia-X principles in the space sector.

A core objective of COOPERANTS is to create a seamless data infrastructure for the COOPERANTS platform for the space industry that increases efficiency and drives innovation. This fulfils various Gaia-X principles that are crucial for the development of a trustworthy and sovereign data infrastructure:

COOPERANTS ensures compliance with legal requirements and regulations in the aerospace industry to create a trustworthy platform. Identities (identity and trust) are reliably checked and verified on the COOPERANTS platform to ensure the security and integrity of collaborative processes. Interconnectivity enables seamless data exchange between different systems and players in the industry. COOPERANTS strives for (data) interoperability so that different technological solutions can work together smoothly. The portability of data and applications is facilitated to ensure flexibility for organisations. Data sovereignty for users is ensured through the application of Gaia-X concepts.

The appointment of COOPERANTS as a Gaia-X lighthouse project for the space sector marks a further step towards a digital future in the aerospace industry. The initiative sets new standards for security, efficiency and sovereignty in the handling of data and contributes significantly to the realisation of the Gaia-X goals. Further information on the lighthouse projects can be found here.