COOPERANTS at the MBSE Workshop 2024: A look into the future of space technology

Gruppenfoto: Teilnehmer am MBSE Workshop 2024 aus dem COOPERANTS-Konsortium (v.l.n.r.: Nicole Reuter (ZARM Technik AG), Harald Eisenmann (Airbus  Defense & Space), Caroline Lange (DLR), Stephan Jahnke (OHB) )

Bremen, 28-29 May 2024: The MBSE Workshop 2024, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), took place in Bremen at the end of May. This two-day event provided a unique platform for practitioners from space agencies, the European space industry and researchers to exchange information on the latest developments […]

COOPERANTS wird zum europäischen Gaia-X Leuchtturmprojekt im Bereich Raumfahrt

COOPERANTS - Leuchtturmprojekt

COOPERANTS reached a significant milestone last week: following a successful application, the project presented itself to the AISBL and was officially recognised as a Gaia-X lighthouse project for the space sector. This recognition underlines COOPERANTS’ leading role in creating a trustworthy and sovereign data infrastructure in Europe. The Gaia-X lighthouse projects are pioneering initiatives that […]

Gaia-X Summit 2023: COOPERANTS in Alicante

Pierre Gronlier, CTO von Gaia-X, und Roland Fadrany, COO von Gaia-X, präsentierten eben solche Best-Practice-Beispiele wie COOPERANTS auf der Bühne

deltaDAO supports the Gaia-X lighthouse projects COOPERANTS as well as EuProGigant and Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility (and several more) as an experienced data ecosystem provider COOPERANTS served as one of the best practice examples in terms of compliance with Gaia-X Policy and Conformity Rules, the use of Gaia-X Digital Clearing Houses and the “Gaia-X Federated […]

COOPERANTS präsentiert sich auf dem DLRK

Logo Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress

Caroline Lange (DLR) presents a global lecture on COOPERANTS At the poster exhibition, Dr Alexander Viehl (FZI) and Jan Novacek (FZI) will give a poster presentation on the topics “Semantic Search” and “Semantic Annotation”   Stuttgart, 19-21 September: The Baden-Württemberg State Reception for the Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress took place on 19 September at the […]

Pioneering the Future of Aerospace Digitization with deltaDAO, COOPERANTS joins Pontus-X 


We are thrilled to announce COOPERANTS’ collaboration with deltaDAO. For COOPERANTS, as a lighthouse project to accelerate the digitization of processes in the aerospace industry, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in building a more sustainable and resilient data economy. deltaDAO joins the project as data ecosystem technology provider.  We are particularly proud to unveil […]

COOPERANTS presents itself at Cloud Expo Europe

Der Messestand von COOPERANTS auf der Cloud Expo Europe

Frankfurt, May 11, 2023: The COOPERANTS consortium has successfully presented itself at Cloud Expo Europe 2023. The important trade fair for cloud technology and digital transformation took place in Frankfurt from 10 to 11 May and provided a platform for the Gaia-X community to experience the initiative’s data ecosystem. COOPERANTS took the opportunity to present […]

COOPERANTS presents at DLR Conference „Digitalisierung der Raumfahrt“ 2023

Auf der Bühne präsentierte Dr. Caroline Lange (DLR) den Vortrag "COOPERANTS: Globalsicht des Gaia-X Leuchtturmprojekts zur Digitalisierung der Raumfahrt"

Düsseldorf, 04 May 2023: The importance of digitization in space was the focus of the DLR conference “Digitization of Space” 2023, where COOPERANTS presented itself, focused on the importance of digitization in space. The event, organized by the German Space Agency at DLR, aimed to send a signal of departure for the digital transformation to […]