Pioneering the Future of Aerospace Digitization with deltaDAO, COOPERANTS joins Pontus-X 


We are thrilled to announce COOPERANTS’ collaboration with deltaDAO. For COOPERANTS, as a lighthouse project to accelerate the digitization of processes in the aerospace industry, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in building a more sustainable and resilient data economy. deltaDAO joins the project as data ecosystem technology provider. 

We are particularly proud to unveil the integration of two new Cooperants marketplaces and Gaia-X portals into the Pontus-X ecosystem: one dedicated to the COOPERANTS project and the other tailored for one consortium member, Airbus Defence and Space, a first example to be set for and to be followed by other members of the consortium. Beyond enhancing interoperability with existing Gaia-X lighthouse projects, such as EuProGigant and Gaia-X4FutureMobility moveID, this integration marks a significant stride towards dismantling data silos and fostering a unified European market. 

COOPERANTS, short for Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space, is a  consortium that aims to develop more efficient, decentralized forms for future working methods and processes across the entire lifecycle of space or air vehicles. The project is part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) initiative to develop innovative and practical applications and data spaces in the Gaia-X digital ecosystem. The consortium is led by the DLR Institute of space systems and composed of various industry experts, including Airbus Defence and Space, Data Machine Intelligence Solutions GmbH, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), itemis AG, neusta aerospace GmbH, Aviaspace Bremen e.V., OHB Systems AG, RADIUSMEDIA KG, ScopeSET Technology Deutschland GmbH, Valispace GmbH, and ZARM Technik AG.

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COOPERANTS (Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space)


deltaDAO’s data space technology, based on Gaia-X specifications

Diving into the realm of data spaces, deltaDAO’s technology emerges as a foundation of the COOPERANTS initiative. By embracing Gaia-X specifications and its Gaia-X Trust framework, we’ve crafted a robust, secure, and interoperable infrastructure. This aligns seamlessly with the European vision of breaking down data silos and fostering a collaborative data-sharing environment, with COOPERANTS use cases now integrated into the Pontus-X ecosystem. 

Key features of the new COOPERANTS portals include advanced access management and a federated catalogue that enhances data discoverability and sharing. The Compute-to-Data concept, a hallmark of deltaDAO’s approach, ensures data remains secure while being analyzed, addressing the unique challenges of industries like aerospace. 

The core of the collaboration is the realization of use cases within the Gaia-X framework through federation services and the mandatory integration of Gaia-X compliance, ensuring adherence to stringent policies during service delivery. Unique in Pontus-X is the use of smart contracts to remove centralized components, streamline data exchange, settlement and to ensure data protection. With these innovations, deltaDAO fortifies the COOPERANTS project, championing data sovereignty, compliance, and efficient collaboration in aerospace digital transformation. 

Unveiling the New COOPERANTS Portals for Gaia-X: A Leap Towards Interoperable Collaboration 

Built upon the robust foundation of deltaDAO’s data space technology described above, two new Gaia-X portals for the COOPERANTS project are designed to be the nexus for publication, discovery, management, and consumption of smart services. While the intricacies of these smart services will be elaborated in a subsequent publication, it is essential to understand the transformative potential these portals bring to the table. 

The COOPERANTS Portal: This portal, dedicated to the COOPERANTS project, is a beacon of innovation. It not only presents the project’s service offerings but also serves as a platform where smart services come to life. As the aerospace industry grapples with the challenges of digital transformation, this portal emerges as a solution, providing a space where services can be published, discovered, and consumed with ease. Moreover, it acts as hub, collecting all smart services from different partners relevant to the aerospace industry, ensuring that users have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions tailored to their needs. Discover the COOPERANTS Portal here. 



The Airbus Portal: Serving as a blueprint for COOPERANTS companies and research partners, the Airbus portal exemplifies the vision of interoperability and collaboration within the COOPERANTS consortium. It is not just a standalone platform but a prototype that paves the way for future expansions. Every consortium partner can envision having their own dedicated portal, tailored with a unique content management system (CMS). Yet, the true magic lies in the interconnected fabric of these portals. While each portal retains its individuality, they are seamlessly woven together through the federated catalogue and federated services, enabling partners to discover and consume services from other members within the consortium. This interconnectedness extends even beyond the consortium, linking services from other Gaia-X initiatives across Europe like Gaia-X lighthouses as EuProGigant and Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility, and more


Airbus Gaia-X Portal
Airbus Gaia-X Portal


These portals are more than just platforms; they are gateways to an open scalable ecosystem and new era of collaboration. By leveraging deltaDAO’s state-of-the-art data space technology in combination with the Gaia-X framework, they ensure that consortium partners, and even external collaborators, can interact in a secure, efficient, and interoperable environment. 

Conclusion: The Dawn of a New Collaboration  

As we navigate the digital transformation of the aerospace industry, the collaboration between deltaDAO and COOPERANTS, underpinned by the innovative Gaia-X portals, stands as a beacon of progress. These portals not only represent a leap towards a unified European market but also promise a future where data silos are outdated, and seamless collaboration is the norm. But this is just the beginning. In future publications we will delve deeper into the world of smart services, displaying the dynamic capabilities that will be published to these portals. We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Explore the portals now and join the conversation on shaping the future of aerospace digitization.