Our consortium partner: FZI Research Center for Information Technology

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In our ongoing article series “Our Consortium Partners”, we are pleased to introduce you today to the FZI Research Center for Information Technology – an outstanding institution for computer science application research and technology transfer.


The FZI: an overview

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology, with headquarters in Karlsruhe and a branch office in Berlin, is a renowned, non-profit institution in applied computer science research and technology transfer.

The effort to implement the latest findings in information technology in companies and public institutions is supported by an excellent range of real laboratories and testbeds and close cooperation with companies in the mobility sector. Through that combination of basic research and practical application, the FZI makes a valuable contribution to the creation of tailored solutions for SMEs, industry and the public.


The FZI in the COOPERANTS Project

In the COOPERANTS project, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology is significantly involved in developing an infrastructure for the semantic linking of engineering data. The goal is to make it easier to find relevant information and to enable and implement specialized smart services based on it. FZI is researching the development, provision, and linking of descriptive models, such as ontologies, and methods for searching and interpreting data to enable application-specific services. Machine learning is used to apply semantic annotation/enrichment to new engineering data, and methods for automated detection of structures in new engineering data are explored.


COOPERANTS creates this added value for the FZI

By participating in the COOPERANTS project, the FZI can further expand its competencies in the area of model-based systems engineering. FZI will deepen its expertise, especially in semantics-based data exchange, data interpretation, and data-driven verification. The collaboration in COOPERANTS will enable GAIA-X services to be developed and used and semantic interpretation and integration of engineering data to be advanced in aerospace.


Dr. Alexander Viehl

„The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, not only in intelligent technical systems but also in the design of these systems, represents a logical next step that promises a significant leap in efficiency and quality. This contributes significantly to technological advancement in the aerospace sector in Germany. By using semantic technologies, we achieve comprehensive consideration of the various engineering disciplines in model-based system design and seamless integration of machine learning methods for automated and optimized design of components and systems."


We are pleased to have the FZI Research Center for Information Technology as one of our valuable consortium partners in the COOPERANTS project. Their pioneering research and innovations in informatics application research are helping to revolutionize digital collaboration in the aerospace industry. Look forward to more introductions of our dedicated consortium partners in this exciting series of articles!

Stay tuned to learn more about COOPERANTS’ vision, as well as how we are collaborating with innovative partners towards the digital future of the aerospace industry.