Hannover Messe 2024: Gaia-X Innovatoren im Fokus

Gruppenbild aller COOEPRANTS-Beteiligten auf der Hannover Messe

Hanover, April 22-26, 2024: Hannover Messe, one of the world’s leading industrial trade fairs, opened its doors on April 22 and was a complete success for COOPERANTS across the board.

Throughout the entire duration of the trade fair, numerous visitors made their way to the Gaia-X joint booth, where COOPERANTS had the opportunity to showcase its Smart Service ‘HOLOWORK’ as well as the user interface of the marketplace, the ‘COOPERANTS Cockpit’. Here is a summary of our presence and the highlights offered:

Successful appearance and intensive exchange

The start on the first day was promising. Visitors flocked to the Gaia-X stand to find out about innovative projects. The consortium proudly presented the “COOPERANTS Cockpit”, the user interface of the COOPERANTS future marketplace, where users of the marketplace can find out about the services on offer and book them. One of these services, for example, is the “HOLOWORK” application developed by Radiusmedia, which uses a browser-based, decentralized workflow editor to create step-by-step work instructions that can be executed decentrally on a PC, a tablet or in augmented reality. The lively participation in our presentations was particularly pleasing, both from external visitors and from representatives of other Gaia-X projects such as EuProGigant.

There was also a great opportunity for anyone interested to try out the service for themselves using the Holo Lens. With the help of an augmented graphic representation and step-by-step instructions, it was possible to attach the rover legs to the physically present Mars Moon Rover model from the DLR Institute of Space Systems.

Exciting panel discussions

The consortium leader Dr. Caroline (DLR) represented COOPERANTS in two panel discussions on the possibilities Gaia-X offers for sovereign, cooperative and cross-border data exchange in SMEs and what contribution Gaia-X can make to support and solve the challenges of different industries in dealing with sensitive data – based on “data-based solutions for critical infrastructures”.

During the first panel discussion, it was clear to the panellists that the industry of the future needs to think on a larger scale – and away from isolated solutions. Data ecosystems could provide real added value here, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Caroline Lange summarized: “In view of the increasing complexity of value chains, in which a large number of players are now involved, simple, secure and interoperable solutions are needed. SMEs can therefore only win with Gaia-X.”

In the subsequent panel on “Data-based solutions for critical infrastructures”, one participant in the discussion emphasized that people would like to make use of government services. However, this would require infrastructures that also function reliably for security-critical applications. For this reason, it would be better to pursue broad-based, open-source approaches such as Gaia-X instead of creating isolated solutions. Lange backed up this statement by formulating the Gaia-X solution sets and describing Gaia-X as a great opportunity for a wide range of industries.

COOPERANTS presentation: “Showcasing a future Data-Ecosystem for Space”

Dr. Caroline Lange (DLR) and Hauke Ernst (Airbus) gave an inspiring talk on the vision and progress of COOPERANTS to date on the Tech Transfer stage. This gave visitors a deeper insight into the project and its significance for the industry. The feedback was inspiring and motivates the partners even more to continue with the ongoing development of the project.

Dr. Caroline Lange stellt die Einordnung des Leuchtturmprojekts in die Gaia-X Infrastruktur vor.
Dr. Caroline Lange stellt die Einordnung des Leuchtturmprojekts in die Gaia-X Infrastruktur vor.

Hannover Messe 2024 was an inspiring and successful event for COOPERANTS. We would like to thank all visitors and partners for their interest and support.