Our consortium partner: OHB SE

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Welcome to another article of our series entitled “Our consortium partners”, in which we present to you the organizations which are working together within COOPERANTS to digitally revolutionize the aerospace industry. Today, we would like to introduce OHB SE, one of the leading providers of space systems in Europe, whose portfolio of products and services ranges from the realization of satellite systems for earth observation, navigation, telecommunications, science and reconnaissance to the elaboration and implementation of missions for space exploration and the development of systems for astronautical space flight.


OHB SE: an overview

As a leading space systems provider in Europe, OHB has many years of expertise in the implementation of sophisticated projects and is accordingly able to offer a broad portfolio of innovative products and services. With more than 3,000 highly qualified employees in Europe and overseas, the OHB Group is ideally positioned for international competition and additionally enjoys a reputation as a reliable partner.

OHB’s activities can be broken down into three business units. The Space Systems segment covers the realization of satellite systems and space missions, whereas the second segment, Aerospace, is concerned with the production of components for aerospace vehicles. The third business unit, Digital, offers a comprehensive range of services, including satellite operations and the development of IT applications based on satellite data.


OHB SE in the COOPERANTS project

As an industrial partner of COOPERANTS, OHB contributes many years of experience from numerous national and international space projects. This valuable practical knowledge, gained over four decades in projects under its own management or in collaboration with global partners, is a solid foundation stone for the development of COOPERANTS. Data and information security in particular play a central role in the development of COOPERANTS in terms of cloud platforms and collaboration across corporate boundaries as part of governance, and OHB is assuming targeted responsibility in the work packages at this point. In addition, the Company is contributing extensive expertise to various sub-projects from the main work packages Data Space and Smart Services.

OHB is actively involved in the creation of joint solutions and standardization in order to make collaboration in the aerospace industry more efficient in the future.


COOPERANTS creates this added value for OHB SE

The digital transformation of processes in the aerospace industry being pursued as part of COOPERANTS will benefit OHB in many ways. Efficient collaboration with all stakeholders is crucial to the success of space projects. COOPERANTS not only strengthens OHB as a company but also promotes the growth of the entire German aerospace industry, which has a positive impact on international competitiveness. The prospect of finding solutions for the often still complex cooperation between various players on a European scale through GAIA-X is a further incentive for OHB’s participation.


Dr. Bennet Brüns (OHB)

"Efficient cooperation with all partners forms the basis for the successful realization of projects. COOPERANTS not only provides strong support for OHB and the project participants but also opens up prospects of considerable growth potential for the German aerospace industry as a whole, which may have a positive impact on the international competitiveness of the German economy."


We are happy to have OHB on board as a highly valued partner. As a company with over 40 years of experience in the development of high-tech solutions in the space industry as well as in other fields of application, OHB SE is contributing its expertise in the best possible way to drive our joint project forward.

In our ongoing series “Our consortium partners”, we will continue to introduce you to inspiring partners of the COOPERANTS project. Be excited about forward-looking contributions to the digital transformation of the aerospace industry!

Stay tuned to learn more about the vision of COOPERANTS and the collaboration with innovative partners on the way to the digital future of the aerospace industry.