COOPERANTS auf der GXFS Connect 2023

GXFS Connect 2023 - Eröffnungspanel
  • COOPERANTS will be present at GXFS Connect 2023 with an Infopoint
  •  GXFS Connect 2023: a mixed event consisting of a conference and a parallel programming workshop around the topic Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS)

Berlin, 05./06.09 2023: For the second time, GXFS Connect 2023 will now take place in Berlin from September 5 to 6. Under the motto “Entering the Next Level”, the event was hosted by eco – Verband für Internetwirtschaft e.V. at St. Elisabeth Church and Villa Elisabeth. Topics covered included digitization as a community project, the relevance of trust and transparency as a basis for data exchange, and the automation of data law through standards and source code. Other panels included the role of the open source community (FOSS community), international community building with national Gaia-X Hubs in key roles, and several more.

Besides the panels, COOPERANTS took the chance to make many, new contacts at its Infopoint, to demonstrate the latest developments, applications, new marketplaces and connectivity to the Gaia-X Digital Clearing Houses, and we were pleased to receive numerous expressions of interest, both from potential Smart Service users and Smart Service providers. In addition, it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with those present and Gaia-X projects such as Service-Meister, the Eclipse XFSC, EuProGiant, or Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility.

Perspektive - Infostand COOPERANTS
Ein kleiner Einblick vom COOPERANTS-Infopoint aus