Our consortium partner: ZARM Technik AG

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Welcome back to our captivating article series, “Our Consortium Partners”, where we introduce you to the diverse world of innovative organisations that are shaping the COOPERANTS project. Today, the spotlight is on a true pioneer in the field of satellite magnetic attitude control: ZARM Technik AG.


ZARM Technik AG: an overview

ZARM Technik AG has established itself worldwide as one of the leading companies in the field of magnetic attitude control of satellites. With customers such as DLR, ESA, NASA and JAXA, as well as companies in Europe, North America and Asia, the company offers standard components and customised products that are developed in direct cooperation with its customers. The goal to find and implement the optimal solutions for its customers makes ZARM Technik AG an esteemed partner of satellite manufacturers worldwide.


Zarm Technik AG in the COOPERANTS project

ZARM TECHNIK operates as an SME in the COOPERANTS project, acting both as a producer, supplier and partner for smart service applications. The company is involved in five different work packages and keeps the needs of small and medium-sized supplier companies in mind. The contents of the work packages are the development of a digital programme management office (PMO), a smart system engineering app for e.g. suppliers to provide data and models for components, an interface for the exchange of “digital twins” (digitised models of physical objects) and simulation data, and “augmented reality”-supported planning and production. The ongoing processes can be accompanied and monitored via an engineering dashboard. The basis of functioning smart services is to enable semantic continuity between different organisations. Data between organisations, project phases and applications must be shared in such a way that the original meaning of the data is preserved.


COOPERANTS creates this added value for ZARM Technik AG

The COOPERANTS project is developing numerous innovative services in the form of Smart Services, including the virtual integration of hardware in the satellite. This technology simplifies demanding and labour-intensive technical tasks, increasing efficiency. Knowledge becomes tangible and is shared democratically, reducing the workload of employees. This reduces costs, promotes sustainability and achieves an outstanding positioning and competitive advantage over other suppliers.

Simultaneously, participation in this project offers the opportunity to redefine existing partnerships, discover new companies, and forge connections with other industries. The vision of a shared data space enables cross-disciplinary collaboration at an unprecedented level.


"The complexity of aerospace projects demands an exceptionally high level of resources, personnel, and time. We are driven by the hope that we can significantly reduce our workload with the support of the Smart Services in COOPERANTS. In concrete terms: less paper, fewer reviews, fewer emails, more sustainability, more efficiency, more customer service."


We are grateful to collaborate with a skilled partner like ZARM Technik in the COOPERANTS project, working towards our goals and driving forward the digitisation of the aerospace industry. Join us in the upcoming edition of ‘Our Consortium Partners,’ where we will introduce another pioneering collaborator from the COOPERANTS project. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the creative minds shaping the future of aerospace!

Stay tuned and learn more about the innovative contributions of our partners to the digital transformation in the aerospace industry.