Our consortium partner: Valispace

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Welcome to the latest edition of our “Our Consortium Partners” series of articles. Today we introduce you to Valispace, a pioneering company in the field of intelligent systems engineering and requirements management tools for hardware products.


Valispace: an overview

Founded in 2016, the Lisbon and Bremen-based company is known for providing innovative software solutions that help engineers and teams in technology-intensive industries design, analyze and optimize complex systems.

Valispace: the intelligent systems engineering and requirements management tool for hardware products. Specifically, Valispace provides a collaborative systems engineering tool that enables engineers to derive high-level product requirements from higher-level project goals using AI. In addition, the tool supports the design of systems taking into account physical calculations and enables the automatic and continuous verification of products along the entire development process. This enables engineers from various disciplines to check the optimal solutions in agile development cycles and thus ideally combine them. In addition to real-time collaboration, Valispace has implemented a way to manage complex product portfolios, as well as automatic document generation in its requirements collaboration tool.

Valispace has a proven track record of helping engineers at companies like Airbus, Hyundai, Volta Trucks, Clearspace and many others shorten their time-to-market by 30%, minimize costly errors and reduce technical risks.


Valispace in the  COOPERANTS Project

As part of COOPERANTS, Valispace is developing two intelligent services: “Assisted Design Optimization” and “Smart Requirement Collaboration”. These services enable engineering AI-assisted collaborative development and optimization of product requirements and system designs across company boundaries.


COOPERANTS creates this added value for Valispace

By participating in COOPERANTS, Valispace strives to become a global market leader in AI-assisted systems engineering processes, adding value for existing customers and providing a technology foundation for future products. The integration as a Gaia-X Smart Service additionally opens up the possibility to exchange data securely and easily between collaborating customers across company boundaries.


Marco Witzmann (Valispace)

"The COOPERANTS project allows us to explore the potential of using AI to support engineers in the systems engineering and requirements management process through applied R&D efforts. We aim to validate these findings in collaboration with industrial partners. From our perspective, it is already evident that in 5-10 years, the majority of engineering processes will be AI-assisted. This presents us with an opportunity to establish technological leadership in this field."


We very much welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a systems engineering tool expert like Valispace in our lighthouse project COOPERANTS. With its wide-ranging expertise in the field of engineering software tools, Valispace strengthens our consortium in the long term. In our ongoing series “Our Consortium Partners”, we will introduce you to other innovative partners of the COOPERANTS project who are also making pioneering contributions to the digital transformation of the aerospace industry.

Stay tuned to learn more about the vision of COOPERANTS, as well as how we are working with innovative partners on the path to the digital future of the aerospace industry.