Successful COOPERANTS consortium meeting

Gruppenbild - 3.Verbundmeeting

Great atmosphere at the third meeting of consortium partners and guests from the Bundesnetzagentur and the National Academy of Science and Engineering. Companies present great progress in the development of a common data space for the aerospace industry. Further development goals to be achieved quickly.

Dresden, September 06-07, 2023: The consortium of the Gaia-X lighthouse project “Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space” (COOPERANTS) met on 06.09 for the 3rd collaborative meeting in Dresden. The collaborative meeting was hosted by our Dresden consortium partner, the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) – this also gave Dr. Simon Harst (Business Unit Manager Cognitive Production) the opportunity to present the research areas and business units of the host. “Digitalization forms the foundation for a cognitive evolution” – stated Dr. Simon Harst and here all participants agreed. In terms of content, the consortium presented the project progress of all work packages to the Bundesnetzagentur, the project management organization, as well as to the Gaia-X Hub Germany under the leadership of acatech.

Consortium leader Dr. Caroline Lange kicked off the event with an overview of the COOPERANTS value proposition. Following this, the main work packages “Project Management”, “Governance”, “Data Space”, “Advanced Smart Services” and “Pilots” were presented.

Furthermore, a poster session offered good opportunities to obtain further, clearly presented information on the Smart Services and to have in-depth discussions with the experts from the respective work packages. Udo Corleis from RADIUSMEDIA used the HoloLens to demonstrate developments in augmented and mixed reality, respectively.

Postersession - Verbundmeeting 3
Poster session
Poster und Demonstratoren
Demonstration Smart Service


The main work package “Pilots”, which include “Athena” and “Bartolomeo”, was also presented with an accompanying poster session. This was followed by various other functional demonstrations such as using the marketplace or interacting with Valispace’s intelligent requirement assistant.

The second day of the consortium meeting was dedicated to the collaboration within the consortium and the next steps in building the infrastructure. For this purpose, Jörn Waterstraat (Airbus) and Kai Meinke (deltaDAO) presented the current status of the implementation of the data room and gave a demonstration for the use of the Gaia-X portal including the marketplace.

“With the integration of Gaia-X compliant service descriptions, the connection of the federated catalog and the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House into the first COOPERANTS marketplaces, the consortium has made a big step towards interoperable ecosystems and commercial exploitation. We are proud to contribute to this and welcome COOPERANTS to the Pontus-X ecosystem for Gaia-X.” – Kai Meinke emphasized after his presentation.


Präsentation des Gaia-X Portals
Demonstration on how to use the Gaia-X portal

The day was rounded off by an evaluation of the results of the previous day in the style of a “World Café”. In small groups, the participants compiled their feedback on dissemination, internal communication and infrastructure development and then presented it.

Towards the end of the event, Dr. Caroline Lange summed up the results of the 3rd consortium meeting and expressed her satisfaction with them. “With COOPERANTS, we are shaping the future of collaboration in aerospace, and the collaborative meeting marks an important milestone on this path. COOPERANTS is picking up speed and developing rapidly.” – said Dr. Caroline Lange.

Following the consortium meeting, the COOPERANTS consortium received positive feedback from acatech and the Bundesnetzagentur. “The motivation and commitment of the consortium were and are very impressive.” – Eckard Schumann, who represented the Bundesnetzagentur in attendance, reported back.