Smart Services: The Next Frontier in Aerospace Digitization with COOPERANTS 

Smart Service - Smart Management Office

In our preceding publication, we embarked on a journey through the collaboration of deltaDAO and COOPERANTS, emphasizing the innovative capabilities of the Gaia-X COOPERANTS Portal and service catalogue in the aerospace industry’s digital realm. As we venture further, it’s paramount to spotlight the core of this digital transformation: Smart Services. 

The COOPERANTS project, a strategic alliance of industry leaders, SMEs, startups, and scientific institutions, is not merely about digitization. It’s about intelligent digitization. At the heart of this initiative lies the integration of Smart Services, set to be unveiled within the new Gaia-X portals and the broader Pontus-X ecosystem. These services are not standalone; they harness the robust features we previously discussed, bringing them to life in practical, value-driven applications across various aerospace use cases. 

As we delve into the essence of the COOPERANTS project, let’s explore how Smart Services are poised to revolutionize the aerospace sector, bridging the gap between traditional processes and a dynamic, data-driven future. 


Connecting the Aerospace Ecosystem: How Smart Services Bridge Digital Gaps 

Moving beyond the intricacies of data spaces and their capabilities, the actual effectiveness of this technology emerges when it brings tangible value to all stakeholders in the ecosystem. This value creation is at the heart of the COOPERANTS project, powered by integrating smart services within these data domains. Smart services are dynamic, intelligent applications that leverage data and analytics to offer improved solutions, automate processes, and foster innovation. 

Like any intricate system, the development and manufacturing of spacecraft necessitates strong collaboration among various stakeholders. These include customers, large system integrators, and the suppliers responsible for the individual components.  


While these stakeholders have each made strides in their individual digitization journeys, interfaces among them remain largely static, relying on the exchange of documents rather than fluid digital data. This inefficiency drives costs and hampers finer-grained collaboration in projects and data reuse across them.  

The COOPERANTS project aims to transcend these limitations by leveraging the services provided by Gaia-X, striving to digitally connect various stakeholders and enable novel business cases at these interfaces. This enables more efficient data reuse and the initiation of new services. The target use cases span the entire lifecycle—engineering, manufacturing, service, and project management—where diverse stakeholders interact and collaborate. 


The integration of smart services in the COOPERANTS data ecosystem is showcased by the “Collaborative Electrical Architecture Definition” proof-of-concept (PoC). Like any holistic system architecture and design, the electrical architecture must reflect both the customer’s needs and the specificities of the existing equipment. This necessitates close collaboration between large system integrators (LSIs), suppliers, and customers.  


TMTC Unit Interface Control Document (ICD) v2 Dataset
TMTC Unit Interface Control Document (ICD) v2 Dataset


The PoC focuses on exchanging, responding to interface requirements. This document forms the foundation for building the electrical architecture that connects the different pieces of equipment. By addressing this critical interaction, the PoC underscores the transformative potential of smart services to revolutionize the way aerospace stakeholders interact, collaborate, and create value.


COOPERANTS and the European Data Economy

Data’s pivotal role in today’s digital age is particularly significant in Europe, where it forms an integral part of the Digital Single Market strategy. The strategy aims to harness the transformative power of the digital economy, in which COOPERANTS, following Gaia-X principles, emerges as crucial contributor. The COOPERANTS project introduces a secure and efficient data-sharing framework, promoting collaboration within the aerospace industry and fostering a thriving data economy.


Actors within the industry contemplating the benefits of early participation in the COOPERANTS ecosystem might wonder why they should join now. The advantages of early adoption are plentiful. It offers a competitive edge by allowing organizations to influence the standards and norms within the COOPERANTS ecosystem actively. Additionally, they can reap efficiency gains and cost savings from streamlined data exchange processes sooner.


The long-term impact of COOPERANTS is also significant. Providing a secure, efficient data-sharing model that respects data sovereignty sets a precedent for other sectors, spurring a resilient data economy across Europe. Furthermore, its pioneering role in the practical application of Gaia-X principles can drive widespread adoption, fostering trust and transparency across Europe’s data economy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of aerospace digitization. Embrace the future with COOPERANTS nd be a part of a transformative journey that promises efficiency, innovation, and a resilient European data economy. Dive deeper, collaborate, and let’s shape the future together.