Joint meeting of the COOPERANTS consortium

  • Project COOPERANTS presented by Bundesnetzagentur and Acatech
  • Digitalization in the aerospace industry is being driven forward 

Friedrichshafen, 18-19 January 2023: The consortium of the joint project “Collaborative Processes and Services for Aeronautics and Space” (COOPERANTS) met for the 2nd joint meeting in Friedrichshafen on 18th of January. In the hybrid event, the consortium presented interim project results to the Bundesnetzagentur and the National Academy of Science and Engineering and intensively discussed the next project steps.  

Among others, Udo Corlais from the company RADIUSMEDIA showed which advanced applications are possible with the help of VR glasses. He simulated the discussion about the component of a satellite, which was displayed virtually and could be examined interactively in Friedrichshafen and Bremen at the same time with the help of two VR glasses. In the future, a 2-D visual representation will also be possible via tablet. This practical application illustrates what acceleration of the production process is possible through digitalization and how costs can be saved at the same time.  

The challenges of intellectual property rights (IPR) and data security in the cloud were discussed intensively. These topics will continue to occupy the consortium. 

The Federal Network Agency was very satisfied with the progress of the project and encouraged the consortium to continue on its chosen path.